Ka-Ching Golf Game
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Ka-Ching Golf Game

  • On-course coin game makes every shot count through the last hole
  • Great fun for both low and high handicappers
  • Ten irreverent and colorful enameled metal coins along with carry bag
  • "Add a little Ka-Ching!™ to your round!"
Standard Rules
A coin is given during a round for any of the above listed occurrences.  The player keeps the coin until another player has the same resulting occurrence, at which time the coin is passed onto that player. 

On any given hole a player may receive several coins.  For example, a player may Chip In for Birdie, for their third straight par or better for a Par Train and receive 3 coins.

For Tie Breakers, see the individual breakouts below under Coins and Their Values.

Coins and Their Values

3-Putt (-1)
Three or more putts originating on the green.  Also known as a Three Jack or the thing that kept me off The Tour.  The 3-Putt coin may not change hands on the same hole.  Tie Breakers:  1) Most putts on the hole, 2) Highest Score on the hole, 3) Longest final putt, 4) Highest score on previous hole.

Water Hazard (-1)   
Any ball entering a water hazard, whether playable or not.  Advice: Take more club!  Tie Breaker: Last player in the hazard receives the coin.

Out of Bounds - OB (-2)   
A ball coming to rest out of bounds.  No, you may not kick it back in.  Tie Breaker: Last player to hit it out receives the coin.

Lost Ball (-2)
A ball lost, which is neither in a hazard nor out of bounds.  It’s the first step towards a twelve-step program.  Tie Breaker:  The last player to have lost their ball receives the coin.

Triple Bogey or More (-3)   
Triple Bogey or more on any hole.  If this problem persists for more than two rounds, consult a professional or go bowling.  Tie Breakers: 1) Highest score on that hole, 2) Longest last putt, 3) Highest score on previous hole.

Sand Save (+1)
A par or better on any hole where a player was in a fairway bunker or greenside bunker.  Sand Saves separate a player from a golfer.  Tie Breakers: 1) Lowest score, 2) Shortest final putt.

Flagstick Putt (+1)
A putt made, originating on the green, outside the length of the flagstick. You’re the boss of the moss … king of the short grass ...  master of the flat stick.  You’ da man … oh, forget it.  Tie Breaker: The person with the shortest Flagstick Putt on the hole receives the coin.    A putt made from off of the green is considered a Chip In, not a putt. 

Chip In (+2)
Any shot holed from off of the green.  Yes, even a blind squirrel can find a nut now and again. 
Tie Breakers: 1) Lowest score, 2) Shortest made Chip In.

Birdie +  (+2)
Birdie or better on a hole.  You’ve got your mojo back.  Tie Breakers: 1) Lowest score, 2) Shortest birdie putt or Chip In.

Par Train (+3)
Par or better on three or more consecutive holes.  Ka-Ching!!! Tie Breakers: If two players have three pars or better beginning on the same hole: 1) Best score on the three holes, 2) Lowest score on the previous hole, 3) Shortest made putt on the final tied hole.

If the player holding the Par Train coin makes par or better on the final hole they cannot lose the coin.

We do not condone wagering- nor do we play golf without it.  Therefore in the interest of those who do wager, we thought we’d clarify how to get paid in Ka-Ching!

Individual Payout Option
All players pay each other according to the difference in their point totals.  If Player A has –4 points and Player B has +3 points, then Player A pays Player B for 7 points.

Winner Takes All Option
At the end of the round the player with the highest point total is the winner.  Wager can be in per point or on a previously agreed upon sum.  Ka-Ching, baby!

Optional Rules
Progressive 3-Putt
Each time the 3-Putt Coin changes hands its negative value increases by one.  In other words, the 1st occurrence is = -1, 2nd = -2, 3rd = -3 and so on. 

Progressive Points
Each time the 3-Putt coin changes hands ALL COIN VALUES increase by a given increment.  For example: You may begin with each point worth $0.25 and every time the 3-Putt coin changes hands it adds $0.10 to each point for all coins.

Grab Bag (Optional)
An alternative game, whereby each player blindly draws one or more coins from the bag before the round and then Standard Rules apply.  The drawn coin is passed under Standard Rules or is kept if no player has that occurrence.  At the end of the round, the drawn coin is added to the total coins for payout determination.

Net Game (Optional)
There are four coins in which a player’s score determines the coin’s recipient.  Those coins are: Birdie, Sand Save, Par Train and Triple Bogey or more.  For those coins, net scores are used.  Strokes fall according to the hole's handicap rating.  Therefore, a 10 handicap would receive one stroke on each of the holes with a handicap rating of 1 – 10. 

The remaining six coins do not involve scores.  They would go to the individual regardless of their handicap.  Those coins are: Water Ball/Hazard, Out of Bounds, Three Putt, Lost Ball, Chip In and Flagstick Putt.
Ka-Ching Golf Game
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